Gesellschaft für Materialberechnung mbh

The AQcomputare is divided into the following three divisions.

Process simulation by FEM

Calculation of material properties on an atomic scale

HPC, Cloud and IT-Services

AQcomputare considers itself as provider of scientific service for industrial research. The work of the AQcomputare GmbH is focused on the transfer of scientific research results to industrial applications.

The AQcomputare has a clear profile: scientific work and performance. The combination of passion and precision is our core strength and gives us self-confidence to takle pioneering ideas. Questioning traditional understanding of material properties we create new approaches based on “first principles”.

The connection between our business areas is the passion for all new achievements in the area of information technology.

Our special strengths are in the continuous optimisation of our copmputing ressources and the ability to systematically tackle problems in material properties and to work out solutions with excellent scientific know-how and creativity.

We offer our services in the area of of material calculations on the atomic scale (ab initio methods), in simulations by FEM-modelling and in renting out computer resources. Our research will be of sustainable value for our customers and also for science.